PDX Pop Quiz: Name These Portland Artists

Hey, folks. It’s time for a PDX Pop Quiz. Yes, yes, we know you were not warned of this and, yes, maybe it’s unfair of us to just drop this bomb on you without giving you a chance to study. But if you’ve been reading PDX Magazine, you should do fine. We have complete confidence that you will. And if someone you know forwarded this to you and if you’re new to the mag and to Portland art, well, do your best.

Don’t forget to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you virtually socialize. The links to do so are at the bottom of the results page of the quiz.

Okay. There are 100 PDX Art Points at stake, so sharpen up your clicking finger. Good luck… and no cheating.

Ross Blanchard, Editor-in-chief

PDX Pop Quiz: Name These Portland Artists

UPDATE: The quiz is temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue. We’re working on it!


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