April, 2014

Creative Block Party

By Darka Dusty Painting by Halyna Cisaruk If you’re an artist, writer or musician (and if you’re in Portland, Oregon, chances are excellent that you ARE an artist, writer or musician), you have things you believe you do well, and things you believe you do really well, and things you know you could improve, and things that make you think you should hang it up and get a real estate license. And things you think you suck at. You’re probably much harder on yourself than you should be, especially if you try to live a creative life. As an artist, a writer, musician or anyone who regularly summons your muse or faces your creative demons, you are part of a very special, sensitive club. We creative types feel things deeply. We cry easier than most, and maybe this causes us to drink or smoke more than most, or find other ways to alter our perceptions. Sometimes we just need to momentarily numb ourselves from the intense majesty of life. The beauty we perceive around us can just be too goddamn much to take, making our emotional pain and passion excruciatingly unbearable. It’s also what causes us to see things in…

“Never Be Lame” by Sallie Ford

Video of “Never Be Lame.” Sallie Ford has a new band and all new music. PDX Magazine caught Ford’s very first show in March at Mississippi Studios. Visit our Youtube Channel or more Sallie Ford footage and more. Video by Stephanie Neil.

#7 Release Party @ Star Theater

“Extravaganza” is not a word we throw around lightly, but this weekend’s Issue 7 release party is so packed with talent and fun there’s just no other word for what is in store for you. So, come out to the Star Theater this weekend for a PDX Magazine Extravaganza. This is not your typical concert, folks. Yes, we have three incredible bands — Sallie Ford, Rick Bain & The Genius Position, and Three for Silver — all of whom promise great musical performances, but we also have Leo Daedalus of The Late Now and his brain trust who are cooking up some special shenanigans with the PDX Magazine crew. And then we have the special guests: Zia McCabe of The Dandy Warhols who will join Rick Bain and the Genius Position, and Bela Balogh from 3 Leg Torso who will sit in with Three For Silver. Tickets are on sale now at startheaterportland.com – $15 in advance, $18 at the door.   

Keyon Gaskin Performance at Place, March 30, 2014

At the closing event “You Can’t Ride the Bus for Free Forever” for Place (an installation gallery in Portland), Keyon Gaskin performs amidst the exhibit “Shit Balloons.” According to gallery owner Gabe Flores, the exhibit contributed to Place losing its lease at Pioneer Place Mall. The gallery closed March 30, 2014 after its lease was abruptly terminated.