December, 2014

Vinnie Kinsella by Jayna Milan

Storytelling on display: Dark Night of the Soul

Hear tragic tales and stories of bold resolve at Dark Night of the Soul III. The storytelling session, presented by experimental performance group Home Theatre Systems, gathers at Floyd Old Town Coffee (118 NW Couch St.) this Thursday. The story-sharing group thrives on the idea that transcendence and community can be achieved by sharing moments of hardship. The third installation of Dark Night of Soul features several members of the PDX Late Bloomers Club, whose members will share their distinct experiences as gay men who remained closeted for 30 to 50-plus years. The event is the first opportunity to hear stories of the like that will be featured in the anthology Fashionably Late, a collection of stories that articulate similar experiences. Fashionably Late, which has an expected release date of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, 2015, is the inaugural publication of Eldredge Books, a Portland-based small press started by local publisher Vinnie Kinsella. Doors open at 7 p.m. and admission is $6. — Rachael Lesley Vinnie Kinsella shot for PDX Magazine by Jayna Milan.

Photography At Large: My Tour With The Wild Ones

“On the count of three, jump back and lean to your right—actually, put that crown on your head first. Mateus, can you help her?” I directed from behind my camera. As Mateus placed a flower crown on top of Bella’s head, I wrapped my arms around myself and hugged tightly. It was a chilly day in New York City’s Central Park and the sun was quickly disappearing behind the city skyline. I had only met Bella and Mateus minutes earlier, but was already comfortable creating art with them—as was everyone else. On the other side of the park, Kory had climbed daringly high into a tree while Sandra, sprawled out on the grass below, quickly snapped photos. Nearby, Wendy was carefully arranging butterflies on Alyssa’s back while Alyssa emoted over her shoulder. Mere hours before, we were all strangers, but had gathered together that day to create conceptual photographs for The Wild Ones tour. We quickly became friends. Combine three best-friend photographers, a van overflowing with camera equipment, and a strong desire to give back to the photographic community and you get The Wild Ones tour. The annual traveling summer workshops are where aspiring photographers befriend and create photographs with…