February, 2015

Beer Battles are Brewing. Macro- versus Micro-brews

Photo: Youtube screen capture I was a little surprised last Sunday to see Anheuser-Busch (A-B) launch a snarky and even pompous assault on microbreweries. It came in the form of a Budweiser commercial that sought to definitively set itself apart from its craft beer competition. And I was very surprised to see a response by a small, craft beer advocacy group less than 48 hours later that put Budweiser back in its place as a generic, mass-produced beer. The Budweiser ad titled “Brewed the Hard Way” aired during the Super Bowl and it mocks craft beer drinkers and the microbrews themselves with text such as “Proudly a macro-beer. It’s not brewed to be fussed over,” and “It’s brewed for drinking. Not dissecting.” Within 48 hours, Hopstories.com out of Corvallis released a response, a video shot in the same style as the Budweiser ad, with text proclaiming, “Craft Beer. Proudly brewed by people. It’s not brewed to be slammed. It’s brewed to taste good,” and “Only craft beer is brewed by hand, the actual hard way. We will savor our hundreds of styles, you keep pushing your one.” The Hopstories video made quite an impact with 200,000 views so far this…

“Byte Me” Tech Art Show Returns to AFRU Friday

AFRU Gallery and Severe Enterprises launches the 4th annual “Byte Me,” a showcase of technological art this Friday at AFRU Gallery (534 SE Oak). Like the three previous Byte Me exhibits, all pieces are interactive works that rely on the use of digital technology. This year’s exhibit, curated by Carlos Severe Marcelin, again features works, big and small, that bend the senses and challenge the mind: “ForeverScape” by Vance Feldman. The live music of organic DJ duo TIPOL project motion and life into an enormous illustration painting that involves hundreds of drawings spanning the walls. “Church of Robotron Altar” by The Church of Robotron is a mobile training facility that uses hazardous environments, religious indoctrination, and emotional triggers to promote the development of the skills necessary to survive in a hostile, post-human environment. “Pixel Basilica” by Libby White is an interactive exploration of cellular automata patterns inspired by the process of converting sand into silicon wafers, and wafers into web sites. “plin.co” by John Brown is an interactive projection mapping, based on the classic Price is Right game. “Magic Window” by Josh Michaels and Hal Bergman portrays interactive, time changing views of cities and nature built using time lapse photography. “Purple Stars” by Grant Keltner….