March, 2015

Federale, Immigrant Union, and Brush Prairie at Mississippi Studios

Above: Brent DeBoer of Immigrant Union. Photo by Miri Stebivka. Back in November, PDX Magazine sponsored another epic event-adventure featuring local spaghetti western favorites Federale, Brent DeBoer’s Aussie ensemble Immigrant Union, and PDX sweetheart Zia McCabe’s Brush Prairie. A western revival of sorts, the night proved to be quite the hipster hoedown. Each act brought with them a unique approach to classic country-folk jamborees and mystical-magic melodies. From Immigrant Union’s clashing of traditional folk sounds with the flashy foray of experimental glam-rock to Federale’s original revival of classic western movie soundtracks to Brush Prairies covers of timeless outlaw country, the homegrown gritty grooves did not disappoint the sell-out crowd. Check out the event videos below and be sure to join us for our next grand event. —Jef Krohn, Music Editor Note: A special thanks to Stephanie Neil Productions, Mississippi Studios, Nalin Silva, Brent DeBoer, Zia McCabe, and Collin Hegna.  

After The Faux

Bumps and bruises heal and projects end, but creative, restless minds don’t quit. The Faux Museum in Old Town Portland closed its doors in February. Curator Tom Richards (pictured above. His bruises are from a jogging accident.) operated the art museum since June 2012. When PDX Magazine asked “What’s next for you, Tom?”, he replied with the following open letter to the museum’s fans and to the interested public in which he asks everyone to help him choose amongst myriad options available to an enterprising young man like himself. We’re glad to publish his query. — Ross Blanchard, Editor-in-chief Hello. My name is Tom Richards, and I was the curator/Janitor of the late The Faux Museum, which was a conceptual art museum based in Old Town Portland, Oregon. I say “was” because after January of this year we closed our doors. I know it may be kind of hard to imagine how a conceptual art museum claiming to be the oldest museum in the world could fail. After all we had a Woolly Ant! True, we were surrounded by social services that aid the mentally ill, recovering addicts, and houseless persons; and our neighbors who weren’t strip clubs or dispensaries were bars…