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Portland has a plethora of amazing local music these days and as we gear up for the music festival season, fresh on the heels of a glorious memorial weekend full of sunshine, barbeques, and tune-infused campfires, PDX Magazine received what can only be … More…


“Counterpoint” by Jon Gottshall
Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan
August 4-27, 2016
Opens Thursday, August 4th, with pre-opening artist’s talk Wednesday, August 3rd, from 7-9 pm
The exhibit also features Megan Paetzhold’s multi-medua installation “Studies in: Amblyopia” in the south gallery



By Mike Allen
Cover photo of Robert Izzat by Mike Allen

Ideas ain’t worth shit. No one cares about ideas until they have some tangible value or physical manifestation to justify the brain weight. Case in point: I’ve been trying to give away this writing (just portable ideas really), and … More…


By Ross Blanchard
Photo by Reuben Broadfoot. Foreground: Corey O’Hara. Background: Evan Corcoran

A few weeks ago at a Ford Gallery event in Southeast Portland, five actors slipped into the venue, seized the microphone from the event’s host during a presentation, and began to shout … More…


I am a former Soviet, smuggled over the Iron Curtain in my parent’s gonads like some Cold War technology and assembled in the USA. The other night, I was at the Alberta Street pub, listening to the musings of local Slavic rock band Chervona. I should have been drinking vodka. Instead, I was slowly … More…


It’s not that often that we here at PDX Magazine cover bands or artists that aren’t, shall I say, home grown. Dead Sara, however, is an exception. This rock band from Los Angeles has proven to be a crowd pleasing spectacle of raw energy, emotion, and soul that you’ll not want to … More…


Discussed in this essay:
– What Painting Is, by James Elkins, Routledge, 1999.
– Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness,
by Alva Noë, Hill and Wang, 2009.
– Ways of Seeing, by John Berger, et al, Copyright … More…

With over fifty microbreweries within PDX city limits and dozens more minutes away from the epicenter, Oregon has more craft breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. These myriad choices can be dizzying. PDX Magazine is here to help our readers with semi-regular feature … More…


By Mike Allen

I finally took the leap and fried up a batch of squirrel—gray city squirrel harvested from my backyard. I’ve been halfheartedly killing them for a while now because I hate them and everything they stand for, except free lunch. It’s clear from the little … More…


From poet Leah Noble Davidson comes our first crossword puzzle. This very Portlandy crossword will test your knowledge of arts and literary happenings in Portland as well as other notable activities, places, and events.

We’re not … More…


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