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Domicile by Corbett/Kathryn

Travel down a path, ensconced by a geodesic dome and lit by projections of the celestial sky, to explore the sprawling sculpture at its center. A floating topographical representation of the Portland metro area is seen through the obsessive compilation of hundreds of digital satellite images. Allow … More…

All Jane No Dick

The all-female comedy festival, All Jane No Dick, is well under way, having opened last night with a local showcase at Helium Comedy Club. JoAnn Schinderle, Amy Miller, Whitney Streed and a host of other comics who performed last night are Portland-based favorites, but the festival, organized by the … More…

Dial M for Murder by Bag & Baggage Productions

Television houses a surplus crop of zombie apocalypse and vampire romance. Break free from the parade of the undead with a string of mid-October Portland theater openings guaranteed to add a little mortality to this fall’s entertainment. After all, autumn is both a celebration of life and death. … More…

Jennifer Faylor

New York City-based poet Jennifer Faylor lands in Portland this week, reading poetry from her latest collection of work Edison’s Ghost Machine. The compilation of poems details the process of one man’s grief over the loss of his lover, Alice. As part of the process he concocts a machine … More…

Heaven Adores You still

I’ve listened to the music of Elliott Smith, the prolific Portland-based singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the late 1990s, for several, several years. Recently, during a closing shift at my night job, I used the restaurant’s premium speaker system to blast his 1998 release, XO. As … More…


Our history is documented in everyday design. A passing glance at a poster may not strike the viewer as anything more than an artful image, designed to draw attention to an upcoming film. But what happens when more than 200 hundred posters, spanning fifty years, are placed juxtaposed in an exhibit? … More…


“At first, moving to the countryside from Austin felt like an incredible peace,” says Texas-based poet Derrick C. Brown in a recent interview with PDX Magazine. “And then you begin to notice scorpions, and massive spiders, snakes, vultures and striped hornets.” The prolific poet … More…


Design is founded on more than just functionality. At its very core, design is rhetoric. From its beginnings as the artful speeches of ancient Greeks, rhetoric has evolved into the ability to express ideas through multiple mediums of design. Tonight, Design Week Portland hosts several events around … More…

paul revere

Rock n roll band leader Paul Revere died peacefully on Saturday at his home in Idaho. He was 76.

Born in Idaho in 1938, he began his music career there as a teenager in the 1950s. Real success followed after his band’s move to Portland, Ore., where they transitioned from The Downbeats to the … More…

Relics #2 by Sherrie Wolf

Tonight artists and art lovers – and those hoping for a few plastic cups of free wine – will populate the streets of downtown and the Pearl District. This month’s First Thursday proves as busy as any other in its 26-year history, but a few shows in particular are well worth weaving through the … More…

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