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I was a little surprised last Sunday to see Anheuser-Busch (A-B) launch a snarky and even pompous assault on microbreweries. It came in the form of a Budweiser commercial that sought to definitively set itself apart from its craft beer competition. … More…

Byte Me 4.0

AFRU Gallery and Severe Enterprises launches the 4th annual “Byte Me,” a showcase of technological art this Friday at AFRU Gallery (534 SE Oak). Like the three previous Byte Me exhibits, all pieces are interactive works that rely on the use of digital technology. This year’s exhibit, curated by … More…


Let’s take a show of digital hands. How many of us have still not picked up gifts for friends and family? Well, here’s your chance to get an original work of art created by local artists for only $40 and it doesn’t involve the tedium of chain store shopping: it’s called the Big 500.

Starting … More…

Vinnie Kinsella by Jayna Milan

Hear tragic tales and stories of bold resolve at Dark Night of the Soul III. The storytelling session, presented by experimental performance group Home Theatre Systems, gathers at Floyd Old Town Coffee (118 NW Couch St.) this Thursday. The story-sharing group thrives on the idea that transcendence … More…


You’ve survived so-called Black Friday. Congratulations. The countdown continues, though, and you still need to choose some thoughtful gifts for the special people in your life. We at PDX Magazine ask you to consider some holiday shopping that rings true to the spirit of giving—the gift … More…

New Friends by Jayna Milan

“On the count of three, jump back and lean to your right—actually, put that crown on your head first. Mateus, can you help her?” I directed from behind my camera. As Mateus placed a flower crown on top of Bella’s head, I wrapped my arms around myself and hugged tightly. It was a chilly day in … More…


As Black Friday creeps into Thanksgiving, pushing hysterical consumerism into a time reserved for gratitude, consider some holiday shopping that rings true to the spirit of giving. From locally made coloring books for kids, to jewelry for friends, to paintings for Mom, Portland is home to numerous … More…

Photo of Faux Museum by Jayna Milan

Past the small curated gift shop of antique postcards, curious pamphlets, oversized classic candy, and other oddities, past the quiet and delightful gentlemen, Tom Richards, seated behind the counter, lies the Faux Museum‘s (139 NW Second Ave.) … More…


A 40-foot geodesic dome appeared in Portland’s Director Park this week. It, and several sculptures by local and national artists that surround the dome, comprise Exhibit: Growth, an experiential art installation commissioned by Umpqua Bank. The exhibit aims to demonstrate the power and … More…

Fight or Flight by Corey Arnold

This week, reward the brain with some unstructured playtime courtesy of another installment of First Thursday. The Pearl District’s monthly gallery walk grants access to local, national, and international artists in a setting ripe for socialization.

Head over to Charles A. Hartman Fine Art … More…

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