Past Issues - PDX Magazine

Issue No. 4



DeBoer. Himself By Jef Krohn

The Classical Music Kama Sutra By Christopher Corbell

White Wine: The Interview By Mugroso

Mole Amarillo By Mike Allen

The Four-Hour Megalomaniac By Leo Daedalus

Crawdads and Pizza: Exploring Portland’s Indie Comics By Ross Blanchard


Issue No.1 Cover By Ken Sellen

The Voyage of Hurlothrumbo By Mykle Hansen

Richard Melloy By Ross Blanchard and Perry White. Photo by Miri Stebivka

Poetic Scientifica: Poems By Leah Noble Davidson By Ross Blanchard

Selfies: New Fiction by Riley Michael Parker and Housefire Books By Sean Aaron Bowers

Zack and Emily Kosta’s Craft Night By Darka Dusty

2013 Portland Fashion and Style Awards By Charity Heller