Fun Page Creations

Way Back in Issue #4 we asked our readers to have fun with a Fun Page. It was just a simple, black page with white, dotted lines and few instructions. Here, finally, are some results:

1. Fish Friend by The Indestructible Bubble


Im The Indestructible Bubble!  Im a superhero and I live at the top of a cliff over looking the Williamette River 🙂

I send you a creation of my fish friend about to enjoy a snack!




2. P1010010 by Anna Gorman

“Hello Editor:

I made this pillow in response to yourFun Page in Issue #4 (January 2014). I am an artist who works in various media. I like to sew to relax and break free of all the usual strictures of my other mediums.

Thank you for even looking at this!

Sincerely, Anna Gorman.”


3. Two-Way Make-Shift Fancy-Mask! and The Sturgeon by Zack and Emily Kosta


Photo-0195 (1)


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